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Golf Ball Grading Process

Based on the golf ball’s overall condition, we determine whether the ball will be graded as Prime/5A (Mint) or Near Prime/4A (Near Mint).
We only source the highest grade golf balls & maintain rigorous standards. Once processed, our golf balls go thru a strict 9 point inspection to assure you the finest quality products are delivered to your door.

“We’re so confident in our cleaning and grading process, that our 4A golf balls are as good or better than our competitors’ 5A golf balls!”
- Jay Hanover, President of Golf Balls Direct


Excellent Condition - Mint  — The look & feel of this ball is similar to a new golf ball. This golf ball will appear to have little or no physical imperfections.  Some of the Prime offerings will be sorted into Logo and No Logo and will have that stated in the description.

  • These balls will have the look & feel of a golf ball that has been hit just a few times. No scuffs or club marks. Ball may contain team or corporate logos and/or standard player pen markings.

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Near Prime/4A

Very Good Condition - Near Mint — The quality of this golf ball will be similar to a golf ball that has been used 2-3 holes. The look & feel may have slight discoloration and imperfections in some of the dimples.  These will contain a 50/50 or less mix of Logos and No Logos.

  • Balls are in good condition, may have abrasions, discoloration, blemishes, larger player pen markings, team or corporate logos or a cosmetic imperfection that will not alter the flight path, distance, or trajectory of the ball.

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Refinished balls are subject to performance variations from new ones. These refinished golf balls were processed by one or more of the following steps: stripping, painting, stamping, and/or clear coating in a golf ball factory. Refinished balls are not endorsed by the original manufacturer, and the balls DO NOT fall under the original manufacturer's warranty. However, we believe strongly that the quality of this product far exceeds other refinished products.

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Overrun balls are factory brand new balls that have never been played. They do not have any construction or performance deficiencies. This classification can include some prior generations. Some will have factory logos.

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Hitaways/Shag Balls

Balls primarily for practice. No representation is made for coloration, scuffs or tint. Balls may contain team or corporate logos and/or larger player pen markings. Great for use in a shag bag or muddy condition.

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