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We Buy Used Golf Balls

Sell Your Used Golf Balls And Make Hundreds.
Whether you’ve made a hobby out of hunting down golf balls in water hazards and they’re piling up in your garage, or you’ve accumulated dozens of balls from years of golfing and your bag is overflowing with them, we’ll take your golf balls off your hands and pay you for them.
Here’s How It Works:
What Kinds Of Golf Balls Do You Buy?
At GolfBallsDirect, we believe every ball deserves a second chance. To ensure the life of a ball doesn’t end short, we buy golf balls regardless of make, model, or year. No matter what golf balls you have or what condition they’re in, there’s a really good chance we’ll buy them.
How Will I Get Paid?
If you’re dropping your balls off at our facility, we’ll pay you cash on the spot. If they’re being delivered, you’ll have a choice between an ACH deposit or a check.
How Much Will I Get Paid?
We pay top dollar for your golf balls, but the exact amount will largely depend on the balls you bring us. We pay on average anywhere between $0.02 - $0.65 per ball. Contact us for more details. The better the ball, the more we pay
Do The Golf Balls Have To Be Sorted Or Cleaned?
Whether they’re dirty or clean, sorted or not, we don’t mind. We’ll polish them off and sort them at our facility anyway. Just bring your golf balls and we’ll take care of it from there.
Is There A Minimum Amount Of Golf Balls You Accept?
If you live nearby and you’re dropping your golf balls off at our facility, there is no minimum. Please call ahead so we can plan for your drop off. If you live outside of the state of Florida and you’re unable to drop them off you’ll have to ship them to us. The minimum amount we’ll accept is 15,000 golf balls (we will pay for shipping). If you live in Florida and have an extremely large amount of golf balls, we would love to talk to you. We may be able to come to you and pick them up. Contact us for more details.
Where Do I Go To Drop Off My Golf Balls?
The address of our warehouse is: Nitro Golf, LLC 4490 SE Cheri Court Stuart, FL 34997 We’re open Monday through Friday 7:30am – 3:30pm, and we buy all year round.
Who Do I Contact If I Have Additional Questions?
Please, feel free to call us with any other questions you have. Our primary contact is Manny at 772-204-0646. Email – [email protected]